To the editor,

I want to publicly thank Emagine Theater in Waconia for showing the movie “Overcomer.” We need more movies produced and shown in our communities with a Christian message as this one was.

Parents have a real challenge nowadays to nurture their children in the Christian faith. Who, or what, is teaching our children? Our present culture draws us away from the Christian faith with social media, TV and movies. This culture promotes freedom from religion! We are told we must accept the LGBTQ community or we are discriminating. We need to get back to the Ten Commandments, God’s word – the Bible in our homes and in our schools.

The recent tragic mass shootings have made us aware there is no regard for human life – God’s creation, as Psalm 139, v. 13-14 proclaims. We hear desperate cries of “Do something” as though we expect government to fix our problems. But a nation that has no regard for human life with 60,000,000 abortions, needs to repent and turn to the Lord.

Last spring, another movie, “Unplanned,” truly showed us the evil of abortion!

God has given us time to live out our Christian faith, and to share the hope and peace of Christ with our families, our friends and our communities, also the hate-filled and the alienated. God bless America!

Helen Bunge


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