To the editor,

The probable reality of a President Biden admininstion will soon be confirmed. It would be a significant accomplishment if it were a legitimate victory. No, this isn’t sour grapes, but a conclusion based on the events surrounding election law changes, process, affidavits, videos, mathematical impossibilities, election machine tampering and more.

It is particularly disheartening that SCOTUS has been unwilling to follow Article 2 of the US Constitution. It is not difficult to comprehend - the sole source of election law changes must come from the state legislature. That means the governor, secretary of state, attorneys general, consent decrees, election boards and others cannot change any procedure. Yet, SCOTUS has chosen to ignore the “rule of law” for the “rule of public opinion”.

This issue isn’t just about Trump versus Biden. It is about following procedures and ensuring a high level of voter integrity. Failing that, the average American voter understandably could walk away and that would be disastrous. Fair elections are the heart of our Constitutional Republic.

The proverbial “October Surprise”, for Minnesota, came in the form of a 46 day mail-in ballot cycle plus a 7 day extension on receiving late ballots.The requirement for mail-in signatures and postal time stamps were also discarded. One might conclude there is more security when you pick-up your prescription or board an airplane.

Congratulations to the Democrats - you played your hand well. As the Biden Administration takes shape, we shall see how much socialism Americans are willing to live with.

Their report card will be the outcome of the 2022 midterm elections.

Joe Polunc


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