To the editor

Dear ISD 110 School Board - Thank you for all that you’re doing!

At the school board meeting on April 25, during public comment, a man referred to you all as upholding “textbook Jim Crow” policies regarding a school board member. This baseless accusation was bad enough, but the embarrassing actions to follow were even worse. The teachers’ and other audience members’ applause for this statement is what really made my stomach turn.

I have faith that you all have tried to make all accommodations to ensure the comfort and safety of a fellow board member in hopes to have them physically present and more engaged in the duties of the school board. You, who have been present and engaged, have the duty to the community to be as productive and thorough as you possibly can be. If you decide(d) to explore options to replace this member with someone else that would help with that productivity, you are simply upholding your duty to the community.

For you all to be accused of overt racism is absolutely appalling and those who applauded this accusation should be ashamed of themselves.

I’ve also read the opinions of a Facebook group “Waconia Education Association” that there is “no teachers or community representation on the interview committee” during the search for a new superintendent. Last I checked, you all were voted into your positions on the school noard via an election process that is available to all eligible voting members of the ISD 110 community. This statement is like saying “Minnesota residents have no representation in matters of federal policy!” as if we forgot that we elect officials to do just that.

Board members: I, and many others in the community, sincerely thank you for your selfless duty to our students, teachers, and community members and I pray that the posturing, demonizing, and bullying ends soon.

Teachers: The work you do and the impact you have on the children of this community is incredibly important. I wish you all the fulfillment and success that you strive for, and this community thanks you as well.

Ryan Rosin

Laketown Township

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