To the editor,

Thank you Sun Patriot Newspapers - you hit the trifecta for political articles in the Aug. 1 issue.

First winner - the guest column regarding the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the conservative Supreme Court.

Second winner - an article regarding our state Legislature losing moderate Republican Sen. Dr. Scott Jensen.

Third winner - a letter to the editor regarding an opinion on President Donald Trump’s racism.

Together, the winners illustrate a moment in time. We watch as the pendulum swings right - the Republican Party with Trump tweeting and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocking election security. Tick, tock. The pendulum swings left - the Democratic Party with candidates shouting and House impeachment proceeding. Tick, tock. Moderates are being out-tweeted and out-shouted.

World news - North Korea launched three missiles last week. Syria is a wasteland. Mexico and U.S. border is in chaos. Tick, tock.

Closer to home - in 2019 (216 days) there have been 261 mass shootings, on newly termed ‘soft targets.’ Our children’s schools and retail stores plan for handling an active shooter. Tick, tock.

Politicians and political parties are not entertainment. Yet we shake our heads in disgust or laugh. We make jokes, pass on denigrating emails. We roll our eyes, as we prepare sarcastic remarks. Tick, tock. Politics and world affairs are not games like football, where we take out our anger on the “other” team.

We all lost when the Supreme Court ruled that companies don’t need to reveal certain information, even if the information is supported by tax dollars.

We all lost when a moderate senator, due to his independent thinking, was criticized by his own party. We all lose if we go along with a group or don’t evaluate multiple news sources.

Time to think about our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. The clock is ticking.

Kathleen Free


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