To the editor,

As a quite new resident of Waconia, I am amazed by how the Waconia Patriot does not reflect the values of the people of Waconia but reflects the values of Minneapolis liberals. Perfect examples are the last two gushy editorials where the Waconia Patriot featured Tina Smith, Tina was quoted at length with no counterpoints from her opponent Jason Lewis. How convenient!


Has the Waconia Patriot pressed Tina on where she stands on law enforcement? Does she stand with the crazy liberal Minneapolis city council that recently voted to disband the Minneapolis Police Department (CBS News, 6/9/20)?

When did the Waconia Patriot ever challenge Tina on her endorsement of radical socialist Ilhan Omar who categorically stated “The Minneapolis Police Department is rotten to the root, making any attempt to reform it futile, and called for the city’s police force to be dismantled” (New York Post, 6/8/20)? In her endorsement, Tina says Ilhan Omar “is a fighter” ( How come the Waconia Patriot gives Tina a free pass on law and order?

When has the Waconia Patriot ever quizzed Tina on Planned Parenthood where she was a vice-president (Star Tribune, 5/25/18)? Is the Waconia Patriot even aware that the founder of Planned Parenthood – Margaret Sanger – was an avowed racist and believer in eugenics (USA Today, 7/23/20)? Why does the Waconia Patriot allow Tina to blather endlessly on alleged systemic racism (The Hill, 9/3/20) but is fine with hundreds of thousands of babies being aborted in the United States each and every year (CBS News, 11/27/19) with an astonishing 38% being black (Live Action, 12/11/19)?

So instead of publishing nasty weekly political cartoons trashing President Trump, the Waconia Patriot would much better serve the Waconia community by reflecting the values of the people of Waconia.

Richard Hansen


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