To the editor,

Sometimes in close races it can be hard to decide between two candidates. Not this year. Addie Miller is the clear choice for us in Carver County.

Addie is a tireless and honest worker, and will bring that attitude with her to represent us in the State Senate. With many ongoing challenges in Minnesota, Addie is prepared to fight for her hometown.

Minneapolis has had a particularly eye opening year when it comes to policing and racial justice, and Addie acknowledges these issues. She knows our law enforcement has a great relationship with our community and has said to leave calls for defunding police to those in Minneapolis, not here in Carver County. Addie has promised to partner with community groups and law enforcement to keep improving relations and safety for everyone here.

Addie is here for us on healthcare and education too. She personally understands the roadblocks small businesses face when expensive health crises arise, and will work to expand the reach of MinnesotaCare, including mental health coverage. In addition to helping start and manage small agriculture businesses, and getting a law degree, Addie graduated from our public school system, and knows firsthand the importance of fully funded public education.

To those of us who care about the future of Carver County, there is only one choice. Addie Miller isn’t the liberal, conservative, or moderate choice. Addie is the common sense choice. If you have a question, call her - I did! Please vote for Addie Miller for SD-47.

Jason Kayati


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