To the editor,

Many years ago, Carver County had a passenger railroad. The line was known as the Luce Line and cut across northwest Carver County. The cars looked like a trolly car or street car but bigger and heavier. It was an electric railway that took power from an overhead wire. The stations that existed were Watertown, Hazelton and Ocean.

Hazelton was a little village with a grain mill, stores and a train station on the corner of Vega Avenue and the trail. The location is marked with a sign and many foundations still are present.

Ocean is the mystery. It was a regular station stop on the time table located on the corner of Yancy Avenue and the trail. Local families I have talked to tell of their grandparents riding the train into Minneapolis from Ocean. People remember a shed for the stop but nothing else was present. Where did the name Ocean come from? I have checked all the sources I can think of but no luck. If anyone has any knowledge, drop me a line.

Dave Daubert


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