To the editor,

I am so discouraged to read a writer’s letter to the editor of Oct. 7, titled “Americans don’t trust Biden, government.” Here is an adult who really does not understand our Constitution or the role of citizens in our nation. He does not seem to have any idea of the danger our nation and our planet face because of mankind driven global warming. Does not understand that American forces were the only thing keeping a corrupt Afghan government from collapsing. Does not understand that Critical Race Theory is not fostering division, but that we need to look at our past to move forward as a united stronger nation.

Please show me where it says in the Constitution that we have a right to not be vaccinated. One of the six tenets of the Preamble to the Constitution says “We the People … promote the general welfare.” Today that means vaccinating Americans to prevent the spread of COVID-19 saving American lives and restoring our economy. As a nation we have a long history of requiring vaccination dating back to the days of Valley Forge in 1777 when General Washington required vaccination of his troops against smallpox. When I was drafted, I do not remember anyone asking if I wanted to be vaccinated. How many years have our children required vaccination to attend school?

Apparently, he has his head in the sand, or someplace, to ignore the fact we must switch from fossil fuels to other energy sources to slow down and eventually stop global warming. Global warming threatens our way of life and lives here and worldwide.

He talks about our success in Afghanistan, and it makes you wonder where he gets his info. Our success was in the imagination. The government could only survive the corruption while Americans were there to hold it up. Yes, no Americans died in 18 months, but how many thousands of Afghanis died in those 18 months, or don’t they count.

He calls Critical Race Theory divisive. Why? It is time that we look at our past treatment of minorities, and work to correct those past sins. In the not to distant future minorities will be the majority and if we truly want America to remain great, we better treat all Americans as equals.

Jim Weygand


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