To the editor,

On Saturday, Aug. 3, Mayor Tom Funk of Victoria announced his candidacy for the Minnesota Senate seat being vacated next year by Senator Scott Jensen.

I fully support Tom’s candidacy and want to explain why and how he will be an excellent fit to represent Carver County in the Minnesota senate.

Having served as the chairman of the Carver County Republicans previously for two full terms, I’ve known Tom for several years and know him to be both conservative and a relentless fighter.

Several years ago, Tom was determined that changes had to be made in Victoria city government and attempted to recruit candidates to run for mayor. He had no luck recruiting a candidate however and finally decided to run for mayor himself. Against all odds, Tom was elected mayor of Victoria.

I also understand what Carver County residents want from their legislators. Tom has demonstrated his bias in favor of conservative, small-government in a number of ways. He opposes the extensive use of taxpayer-funded TIF money (tax benefits for selected developers). He’s determined to reverse the increasing intrusion of outside entities such as the Metropolitan Council into Carver County governance. In order to maintain continued local control of Victoria city government, he’s stopped the Green Step program in Victoria in its tracks.

Because Tom has not been recruited by a special interest group inside or outside of the Legislature, he won’t be taking direction behind the scenes from anyone. He’ll simply think for himself and do what’s right for Carver County and Minnesota. Carver County citizens will find him easily accessible, a tough and successful fighter and a very hard worker!

Vince Beaudette,


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