To the editor,

As a constituent of CongressmanTom Emmer, I believe he should resign and not be seated in the next congress. He was elected to represent the people of MN06, not to support a seditious act that would overturn the will of voters in other states.

Tom Emmer signed onto a brief by the House Republicans in support of a Texas lawsuit that sought to reverse the results of the presidential election. That brief contained references to New California and New Nevada, which aren’t typos. These movements seek to divide these states. He supports breaking up states in America.

Tom Emmer swore an oath to defend the Constitution not to defend President Trump. I believe his involvement in failed attempts to de-legitimize the election proves his loyalty to President Trump instead of the Constitution.

I believe that Tom Emmer does not serve the United States of America by being involved in efforts that do not support a peaceful transfer of power. Vice President Joe Biden won the election by over 7 million votes. It’s time for our representative Tom Emmer to accept it.

Julie Geiger


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