To the editor,

Congressman Tom Emmer’s statement that all elected officials are to blame for the seditionist riots at our nation’s capital is not true. The vast majority of elected officials are non-partisan, non-political affiliated. These non-partisan positions include: school boards, city councils, mayors, township supervisors, county commissioners, county sheriffs, county attorneys, judges, and even soil and water conservation districts. These nonpartisan elected officials actually get things done without political gamesmanship and acrimony.

Emmer’s attempt to blame all elected officials for the mayhem and insurrection that his words and actions caused this past election is childish and irresponsible.

It’s time for Mr. Emmer to grow up and take responsibility for his own words and actions in inciting the seditious, destructive and deadly violence that occurred in Washington D.C. January 6th and not attempt to drag all elected officials into the gutter with himself.

Mike Klingelhutz

Laketown Township

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