To the editor,

I recently received an email from my Congress person Tom Emmer. In that email the representative wrote: “This past week, I was on the House Floor in the U.S. Capitol when the building was breached. What we saw goes completely contrary to the rule of law and was a disgraceful criminal act that disrupted the democratic process that Congress was engaging in”. To me this is a good example of Rep. Emmer’s hypocrisy. Up until the very end of this post-election process Rep. Emmer has been supporting and working to overturn the results of this Presidential election despite the lack of valid evidence of fraud or errors.

Now Rep. Emmer will say that it is important to assure that the election results are valid, and I will certainly agree. However, we have been long past the point where one can question the election integrity. All the recounts have verified Biden’s victory; all the investigations of election fraud have come up without evidence; all the court cases claiming election fraud or failures have come up empty. That did not stop Rep. Emmer, he was still working to overturn the election. I am glad in the end that he voted to accept the results, but prior to that he was slandering our nation and our election process.

Imagine, if I started protesting in front of one of your quality restaurants falsely claiming the food made me ill and was poor quality. Would that help the business or destroy customer confidence? For years, our Secretary of State along with many groups and myself have been working to get young people and other low turnout groups out to vote. Do these bogus attacks on our election process and our nation encourage people to get out and vote, or do they encourage those who attacked the Capital to commit violent and treasonous acts?

Rep. Emmer’s attacks on the election integrity have helped incite violence, damaged the image of our nation here and around the world. I believe he should resign or at the very least apologize to his constituents.

Jim Weygand


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