To the editor,

Recent letter writers brought up the topic of if we should trust the president and the government.

Well, let’s see. Start with the last election. Maricopa County, Arizona, had about 9,000 more mail-in ballots returned than were issued. Pennsylvania was even worse. Georgia’s rejection rate for questionable ballots was unbelievably and suspiciously low. Wisconsin had major problems with ballot envelopes missing witness identification. When the media says there was “no evidence of widespread election fraud,” they must mean it was only in a few states.

How can we be confident in our election system?

Then there’s the vaccine mandate. The mainstream media is beholden to pharmaceutical advertising and won’t tell the whole story. Instead, we have to seek out truth from other sources that are more credible.

The COVID injection doesn’t prevent infection, like smallpox or polio vaccines do, but it does give one a better chance of reducing effects. Thus, the vaccine may provide a personal benefit in some cases, but not a public one.

Those who are vaccinated still get and transmit the virus, and therefore are just as big a risk to others as anyone else – maybe even more so because they’ve been deluded into thinking they’re safe.

No one knows the long-term side effects from the vaccine, and the short-term picture looks pretty risky too. I downloaded the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System (VAERS) data and saw that Minnesota had 11,637 reports from January through September.

It is only identified by state, but pro-rating the data by county population corresponds to 218 for Carver County, not too far away from one per day. Those are only reported cases; some people don’t even know that complications can be reported.

Beyond the vaccine effects, the biggest problem of all is having it forced upon us. When the government is so aggressive at trying to get a substance put into our bodies, that alone is cause for alarm. And revolt!

Those who try to set the record straight get fired (Horak), investigated (Jensen), censored, ridiculed, labeled as providing misinformation, or whatever it takes to shut them up.

Why should we trust anyone who is trying to take away or reduce the freedoms we have left?

Dale Kovar


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