To the editor,

The status of election integrity is up for consideration but the intent of this letter is not to re-litigate the 2020 outcome. However, there is substantial and consequential movement taking place at all levels of government - both state and federal.

If the U. S. Constitution still has validity, Article 2, Section 1 specifies that all election laws are to be administered by each state legislature. The original 13 states were adamant they wanted this authority and threatened not to sign the newly written Constitution - they prevailed.

We know that many states changed their election laws late in 2020 with consent decrees and arbitrary decisions by secretary of states and attorneys generals. Democrats previously filed hundreds of lawsuits nationwide that proved to vie influential. Republican legal challenges were largely dismissed for a variety of reasons not having to do with their credibility.

At last count, there are at least 43 states considering over 250 bills designed to reverse the debacle of the 2020 election chaos.

Looking to codify their success, Congressional Democrats authored H.R.1. labelled, “For the People Act”. This Resolution is an attempt to codify future elections solely by federal law. Passage of H.R. 1 would in large part take away control of elections from the states. The current consensus is that the 791 page bill will not pass, but it defines the Democrat “wish list”.

Some of the its “highlights” are: universal mail-in voting, register voters with no verification, allows unlimited ballot harvesting, bans states from requiring voter ID, accept ballots 10 days after the election, restores felons voting rights, minimizes states’ ability to purge rolls, voters are “opted in’ with data taken from a variety of federal & state databases.

Oh and a cute little provision called the “public match” with a 6:1 ratio. So if I want to donate up to $200 to any Congressional member, a match of $1200 will also be added to my $200. The money source? A 4.75% surcharge on the settlement of IRS tax cases. You can’t make this up.

The “filibuster rule”, which the Republicans will likely use, will stop the bill as it needs 60 votes to end the debate. Look for a push to reform this Rule 22. So election integrity is still in jeopardy as the 2022 midterms approach.

Joe Polunc


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