To the editor,

Gun control in the 21st Century is nothing new as it dates back to colonial America of the 18th Century. Realizing the colonists were becoming more belligerent, especially after the Boston Tea Party of 1773, King George II’s Parliament imposed a series of new restrictions.

Previous limitations to the ownership of gunpowder and shot were further decreased. British troops were ordered to find and seize caches of powder. A trick to have the colonists store their rifles for “safekeeping” only worked once - in Boston’s Faneuil Hall. These British actions were fresh on the minds of the Founding Fathers as they specifically set out to safeguard gun ownership via the Second Amendment.

Today’s ongoing battle with gun ownership doesn’t involve Britain, but with the American Democrat Party. A page one article in a metro area newspaper boldly proclaims that a renewed effort is underway to advance gun legislation in 2020. The failure of the 2019 session will be used to rally voters to punish Republican legislatures at the ballot box. Using heinous crimes of the mentally unstable, Democrats seek to penalize the vast majority of responsible gun owners.

This significant overreach demonstrates their real motivation. That is, to diminish the Second Amendment as a valid right of the American citizen. Their two goals: universal background checks and a red flag law seem reasonable until the details are fully understood.

While the Democrats seek to burden law-abiding citizens, they wish to increase freedoms to felons. To wit, a statutory limit to probationary sentences and to give voting rights to felons still under probationary control. All this coming from a Party which proclaims the need for “common sense.” Their agenda is clearly defined.

Joe Polunc


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