By the time you read this, President Joe Biden will have been inaugurated. While this may be a symbolic start for “healing”, what comes next will be more enduring. The breach of the Capitol, the first since 1814, was a dark day for the “rule of law” regardless of your political persuasion. Those involved should be prosecuted to the fullest extent whether they were misguided Trump supporters or radicals who imbedded themselves. How ironic is it that those who previously called for the “defunding” of police were quick to turn Washington D.C.. into a military encampment? Where were these “law & order” voices during this past summer of nationwide riots?

The knee-jerk reaction by the Democrats to impeach the President sets a new low standard for the future. If his words to the attendees about walking to the Capitol - “peacefully and patriotically make your voice heard” deserve impeachment, then standby. Deliberating between incitement and protected speech, “context” must be considered. Barring that, it just becomes raw political power.

Recall how critical the Democrats were over the electoral college results of the 2016 election. Now they are apparently defenders of the process when it came to certifying President Biden. However, as you read this, Democrats have authored H.J. Res.14 which is waiting for a judiciary hearing. It calls for the abolishment of the electoral college and the direct election of future presidents. Citing the “antiquated theory” of the founding fathers now eclipsed by mass media and the internet.

Now with control of the House and Senate there will be a sharp turn to the left. The proposed trillions are already adding up with little possibility of legislative slowdown. Reversal of much of the Trump policies are in the offing as a new, even radical ideology takes hold.

The recent banning of conservative voices from social media platforms only impedes the necessity for open dialogue. Additional fallout from banks, companies and other institutions has become an effort to vanquish conservative voices. Where will this end?

Republicans too have much work to do as they regain their footing and decide future actions on many issues.

How will the Democrats respond to this new found power as they shape our national agenda and policies? The “spoils” of victory present much low-hanging fruit. We will see how this develops for the 2022 elections. Over-reach may be the Biden Administration’s Achilles heel.

Joe Polunc


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