To the editor,

When I first met Julia Coleman she was still considering whether or not to answer the calls in her community for her to serve in the Minnesota State Senate. She asked me to meet with her to talk about the issues that mattered the most to me. She sat, listened and learned. She dug deep into the topics and made sure to get to know me personally, as well as my priorities and values.

Likewise, I got to ask her about her stances on the issues, and she did not shy away from a single question. I walked away from that meeting excited to see someone passionate about serving her community and truly understanding the priorities of her residents considering stepping up to the plate.

I was thrilled when Julia officially entered the arena. I knew this was a person with strong, commonsense values who would be fighting for us in the Minnesota State Senate. Julia is the only candidate in this race who understands what it’s like to pay a mortgage and property taxes in Carver County, the only candidate who understands what issues parents are grappling with because she is walking in their shoes, the only candidate who is living the struggles first responders and their families are currently facing.

I am proudly casting my vote for Julia Coleman on November 3rd; I hope you will join me.

Jay Rohe


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