To the editor,

As a Commissioner Candidate for District 5, who was humbled by being the top vote getter in the Primary election and has known and respected Commissioner Ische for 30+ years, I was surprised by his letter to the editor comments from last week. I remember quite vividly two years ago when Jim and another commissioner sat me down and encouraged me to run for Jim’s seat because he knew he was retiring. I was quite honored and respected his vision for seeking out a qualified candidate to run for Commissioner in District 5.

Jim knows changing of the guard is hard to accept. I feel both District 5 commissioner candidates, myself, and my opponent, understand, and respect the rich agricultural history of District 5 and want to preserve it. Why wouldn’t we?

I have been fortunate to be married to Janet for 27 years, who grew up on an active dairy farm in Benton Township. Our Barn Quilt Tour business has opened the County to hundreds of individuals, across the State, to experience what Carver County has to offer. The tours showcase numerous farms, barns, their families, and their farming history. We are an active part of bringing agri-tourism to the County and have done so for the last seven years. Yes, I am not a farmer, nor have I ever claimed to be. What I am, is a small business owner, a professional career individual and a candidate with an education and 30+ years of service that can help represent all District 5 residents. I grew up with a Fahey family legacy to serve and have heard many stories, while door knocking, about my parents (John “Bud” & Carol) helping our County residents. Janet grew up with a dairy farming legacy, through her parents, Eugene and Margie, that she can trace back to 1863. These legacies combined have a proven track record of serving others and supporting our ag history.

In Jim’s letter, he gives a negative impression of my campaign photos with “old dairy barns”. This is particularly disappointing, as one of my main campaign pictures is of Janet’s family farm/barn, that we are working hard to restore. This “old dairy barn” is representative of the dairy history and agricultural importance we are trying to preserve within the County.

Also, my campaign photos, the backgrounds and their locations are a result of my supporters. Yes, some of these photos show a cornfield or a silo in the background because this is where they live and are a part of District 5. I appreciate their support and encouragement to take pictures and share them on my campaign Facebook site @FaheyforCarver5.

My goal is to serve ALL residents of District 5, farmers, non-farmers, new families, city residents, individuals, retirees, etc. I have not focused on one particular segment, as they are all very important and want their voice heard and represented.

Jim, we would like to thank you for your 24 years of service to Carver County and wish you and Pam the best in your retirement.

John and Janet Fahey

Norwood Young America

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