To the editor,

My name is Julia Coleman and this week I was honored to officially file to represent our fantastic community in the Minnesota State Senate. It has been a long road getting to this moment. One week before my first child was born I stepped into the arena to serve this community that I love during this momentous time. While I knew I would need an immense amount of support, strength and caffeine to tackle both endeavors, I felt a duty to preserve what makes Carver County special, to bridge the gap between old and new, and to fight for a Minnesota we can be proud to leave our children.

Here is my promise to you, the people of Carver County, as a candidate:

In an era of unmatched divisiveness, I will run a positive campaign, focusing on what I have proven I can bring to the table for Carver County and the Republican Party. I will use my years of experience bringing young people and women into our Party to grow our base and grassroots operations, while showing the next generation of voters how our principles offer growing families the most opportunities to succeed. And at the end of the day, I will always make sure that the wellbeing of the people of Carver County is my ultimate goal.

We know our state is going to face a lot of challenges for the 2021 Legislative Session. With a projected budget deficit, you can count on me to scrutinize spending and protect the family budget. We’ll also be having serious discussions about public safety. I will work hard to make sure all voices are heard, and that we work towards a future where our community members and law enforcement officers have a strong relationship built on trust and mutual respect. As we continue to tackle a public health crisis, I will continue to speak up for our small business owners and personal freedoms, while making sure we support Minnesota’s critical health innovation and care industry.

I take the “servant” part of “public servant’ incredibly seriously, and as such I encourage all of you to reach out to learn more about my campaign, and to let me know about the issues that matter the most to you.

I look forward to earning your support on the Aug. 11 primary.

Julia Coleman


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