To the editor,

I would like to compliment the parents and teachers at Waconia Schools. As a bus driver, I see a lot of evidence of good manners and respect for others.

I want you to know that in 18 years of driving school bus, only twice did I need to make a report of misbehaved children and get the school involved. There are so many remarkable things I see happen on my bus. For example, I see a small kindergarten student with a backpack almost as big as she is, carrying a bag she cannot even lift off the ground, dragging it up the steps when an older child grabs the bag and helps her to her seat. Then, when it is time to get off the bus, another child helps her with the same bag.

All the students thank me for the ride and wish me a good day when leaving the bus. They watch other students when I start to drive off, warning me when someone is not at the stop so we do not leave anyone behind.

Most of the time students are great and stay in their seats, except for an occasional throwing of a hat, or a game or rock, paper scissors across the aisle.

If parents want a rewarding job to make in a child’s life, think about driving a school bus. It’s fun and you can learn a lot.

David Roberts


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