We are writing today to express our frustration with our city management. For the past three weeks we have been trying to have our alley repaired due to a large frost heave. After many phone calls and conversations, it was hopefully repaired last week.

The frost heave was so bad that when the garbage trucks drove through, they broke the phone lines and it was repaired the same day.

They did a minor repair with larger red rock which only made it worse. Again, when the garbage trucks would come through (which is about five per week) the ruts would be back. Jerry would try to do some repairs in between, but is was only a band-aid until the city would come back again and put down more red rock, but never getting to the cause of the problem. After more calls to top city officials on Monday last week we finally started to get results (supposedly). They called in for locates on Tuesday, but the CenturyLink lines were not located and on Wednesday they dug anyway. They cut our home phone/business line again and we were without service for two and a half days.

Thankfully we had our cellphones, but our home phone/business lines were out. On Thursday I called CenturyLink and was informed there was no work order for that line. We contacted the appropriate city street department and that call was returned. We were informed that they tried to contact CenturyLink, but weren’t able to report a needed repair.

On Friday morning at 5:30 a.m. I called the head of the street department and left a message that we needed the alley repaired and our phone lines restored ASAP.

Finally, on Friday at 1:30 p.m. a CenturyLink repair truck came and he stated that he just received the order for repair an hour prior.

It has been very frustrating to deal with the city. The citizens of Waconia are paying tax dollars for our beautiful city to be taken care of, so where are they being spent? It certainly isn’t being spent on street and sidewalk maintenance.

What is your experience and frustrations with the city? Please write or call them. They need to hear from us.

Jerry and Chris Weiland


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