An incident early Friday morning has led to a lockdown and ultimate early dismissal at Waconia High Schools, according to district officials.

According to officials, school staff were alerted by a parent early Friday morning to a video posted by a student on social media. District staff alerted local law enforcement, and the student who posted the video was taken into custody without incident Friday morning at Waconia High School.

“A student posted an inappropriate video on social media that a parent saw and reported to the school,” said high school principal Mark Fredericksen in a statement. “No one was threatened and Waconia schools were not even mentioned. Steps were taken to intervene with the student who posted the video. Carver County authorities took the student into custody before the start of school on Friday without incident.”

Fredericksen maintained that there was not a direct threat to student, staff or facilities.

“It’s important to note that only one student was involved,” Fredericksen said. “No weapons were on school property and the situation was handled very professionally. But even more important to note is that the safety of all students, including the student who posted the video, remains a top priority for us.”

As a precautionary measure, and to allow for an investigation by law enforcement officials, students at the high school were put on lockdown and ultimately dismissed early at 11:45 a.m. on Friday, according to district officials. The middle school and elementary school days will continue as scheduled.

District officials applauded parent, staff and law enforcement’s vigilance in the incident.

“The system worked. When people see something, we need them to say something,” said district superintendent Pat Devine. “Due to the swiftness of everyone’s actions, at no time during this situation were students in imminent danger. We are very thankful for our parents, staff and the local authorities for working together to ensure the safety of all students.”

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