Outside the Glencoe office for KGLB Radio. (Megan Glenn/News and Times)

Listeners of KGLB Radio now have another avenue to listen to their favorite country, sports, school, and more with the installation of an FM transmitter on the radio tower. This new transmitter will bring clearer sound to a wide area of wester Carver County.

“FM gives you a bit of a cleaner sound,” said Jeremy Stender, station general manager. “There shouldn’t be as much interference for listeners.”

Glencoe didn’t get a new tower, but instead an FM transmitter was added to the already existing AM tower. It doesn’t make the broadcast area any larger, but instead makes a small area of the broadcast clearer for listeners. The transmitter can broadcast anywhere between 20 and 25 miles, so Norwood Young America, Hamburg, Waconia, and Cologne.

“I can get it pretty clear up to my house in Cologne,” said Stender. “I go into my house and it only gets a little static-y.’

For those outside the coverage area, not to worry. The AM signal isn’t going away, and will still cover the whole of Carver County. As such, all residents who listen will still have the chance to simply turn on their car or home radio just like they always have. Some that are closer to the station simply have another option for listening.

If you want clearer coverage, there are a couple different options. The first is the website, allowing listeners to tune in via computer or laptop no matter where they are. For tablet and smartphone users, the website is usable, but they have an easier option: the KGLB App. The app, same as the website, can be listened to from anywhere, even out of state and country.

“I’ve had people email us saying that they’re fishing up in Canada or on a beach down in Florida, but still listening to us,” said Stender.

The final option is to tune in via your Alexa device. In other words, you can always have access, no matter where you are.

For those new to Carver County, KGLB has been a staple to the area since July of 2009. The station is mainly a “Classic Hit Country” station, playing favorites from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s.

“We update on classics every now and then,” Stender said. “I added the 2000’s in since now that music is getting to be classic.”

The station also covers local news, weather, and serves as announcers for sports in the area. They feature games from Central, Mayer Lutheran, Waconia, Silver Lake-Glencoe, and more on a regular basis. They will also cover games such as the Watertown-Mayer volleyball team at the state tournament, so if you can’t make it out to a specific game, there’s a good chance you can listen to it at KGLB.

For Norwood Young America listeners, there also NYA Talk, featuring Stender, Elroy Latzig, and a guest speaker from somewhere in the community. Each talk has a specific focus, whether that’s related to school, business, or just impressive figures in the community.

“It was something I always wanted since we launched the station,” said Stender.

NYA Talk airs every Friday at 1pm, replaying at 10am the following Saturday. The show has been around since March 2010, and has had little change since it started. There are three segments to the show, the first being a welcome and introduction, usually with Latzig and Stender discussing a few community happenings. Some of those can be church announcements, school events, or Lions activities. The second segment features the guest from the community. Guests can include the superintendent, the mayor, sheriffs, pastors, pretty much anyone who stands out in the community of NYA.

The station is also affiliated with the Linder Farm Network, so they keep track of agricultural activity around Carver County.

“Agriculture is a big part of this community, so we always try to keep people up to date on what the farmers are up to,” Stender said.

This includes covering FFA conventions as well as seasonal updates on how the farms are doing. In fact, farming is such a big aspect of the station that they host the KGLB Farm and Ag day in June. It hosted in the Glencoe city center, serving pork burgers for farmers and community to eat while they broadcast all day, focused on farmers and agriculture.

The station is also affiliated with the Minnesota Twins Radio Network and Vikings Radio Network, so listeners can keep up on professional sports as well. All in all, a well-rounded radio station for Carver County to enjoy, all day every day.

The new FM transmission for KGLB can be found on 96.1, the AM channel on 1310. For those who don’t have a radio, they can visit kglb1310.com to listen on the site, or download the free KGLB app on smart phone.

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