Watertown native enjoying Maiden Dixie's rise in the country music scene

Jonathan Krentz, who started the band Maiden Dixie in 2011 with Andrew Sherman, will be back in Watertown when the band plays at the Performing Arts Center on Saturday, Feb. 1, at 7:30 p.m. Maiden Dixie, which gained famed as one of the region's most popular country cover bands, released its first original album in 2013.

As a kid, Jonathan Krentz probably wouldn’t have predicted that one day he’d end up starting and playing lead guitar in one of the Midwest’s most well-known country bands.

That’s not to say that Krentz wasn’t musically inclined as a youngster, or that he didn’t have dreams of playing in his own band. It’s just that country music was never really his thing.

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