10 Years Ago – Oct. 17

District 110 is facing the continuing saga of school space. The school board is looking for ways to deal with the space crunch. If you are wondering why you haven’t seen more combines in the farm fields as October wears on, it’s because it’s been too wet. That’s slowly changing. Thanks to excessive rain this summer and fall, fields throughout Carver County have reached their moisture-capacity. The first signs of drying out are occurring. The Waconia Wildcats football team picked up a win Friday against Annandale 20-6. Mike Groschen and Andrew Fredrickson got touchdowns and Dennis Westlund added two points on a conversion. Jim Berg gained 47 yards in his eight tries. On defense Chris Bullis and Justin Reitsma each snagged an interception. Other players who added to the win were: Brandt Douvills, Matt Eiden, Wes Rasmussen, Jeff Klein and Nate Koch. Gas prices could jump in the months ahead. Xcel Energy reminds customers to consider conserving and heat during the coming months. Set the thermostat back 10 degrees at night or when away. Set your thermostat at 68 degrees and wears layers of clothing to stay comfortable. Replace the furnace filter or clean it monthly. Lower the temperature on the water heater to 120 degrees. Refrain from using hot water to wash clothes. Close the damper on the fireplace when not using it. And leave window blinds open during the day to capture the heat of the sun, which helps warm the house at night. Mayer- Chris Hedtke, a Carver County 4-Her, captured a first place team award at the Minnesota State Fair 4-H Judging Contest. In addition he was named top individual overall.

25 Years Ago – Oct. 15, 1987

Pennant fever was contagious around Waconia as it was everywhere else in the state on Monday. As the fifth game of the Minnesota Twins baseball team began play, Try This on Main Street in Waconia had about 20 people lining its bar and gathered around tables to watch the game on television. Usually on a Monday afternoon two or three people are in according to owner Mike Larson. Up the street Russ Dingwall had the television turned on in the video department at Village Center Drug. He and Judy Bentz were both “busy” in the photo department as the Twins took an early lead. Where poor reception prohibited televisions WCCO radio was tuned in. John Marsden and the crew at Marsden Drug listened to radio because the metal roof of their building would not allow good reception. Darla Marsden had shown faith in the Twins. She ordered Twins bears to sell before the Twins had even clinched the Western Division. The first one sold as she put them on display. Mayer – Lutheran High School crowned its queen and king. Tammy Schauer of Cologne and Tom Diers of Howard Lake were given that title.

50 Years Ago – Oct. 18, 1962

The Waconia Jaycees have planned a turkey shoot to be held at the old city dump in the city of Waconia for both 12 and 16 gauge shotguns. Three turkeys will be awarded to the winners in each division. The turkeys will be provided by Mackenthun’s Market. Each entrant will have three shells provided and the entry fee has been set at $l.50. Proceeds will go toward retiring the debt of the Jaycee Kiddie Korral. Cologne – Leonard Hoen, Jr., the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hoen, Sr., became Waconia Vocational Agriculture Department’s first American Farmer at the National FFA Convention held at Kansas City, Missouri, last week. Leonard attended Waconia High School from 1955 to 1959 and has been an active member in the FFA for the past seven years. Television personalities Casey Jones and Roundhouse Rodney on WTCN-TV Channel 11 will be here to entertain the youngsters on Halloween. The event is sponsored by the VFW and Auxiliary Post. Mrs. Dan Steinhagen, Mrs. Allen Schmitz, Mrs. Gordon Wickenhauser, Mrs. Joseph Fick, Mrs. Harvey Meyer and Mrs. Leon Kelzer were candidates initiated into membership of the Holy Family Circle at St. Joseph Catholic Church.

75 Years Ago – Oct. 14, 1937

Royal E. Greengo exhibited a potato Tuesday that is an unusually large and well-shaped specimen, being solid and well-formed. This specimen weighs two pounds two ounces and is a Chippewa. The Chippewa is a new variety of potato introduced seven years ago. Last month Mr. Greengo received a first premium with a potato of the same variety at the state fair. The president of the new Athletic Club is L. E. Schreiber. Ray Weinzierl and Wm. Graff, Jr. were elected to assist Al Vojtisek to arrange for activities featuring basketball. Albert Osterfeld was appointed publicity man. Nearly four thousand votes were counted yesterday afternoon as the time for the coronation ceremony of the Homecoming Queen approaches. Who will it be? The candidates are: Freshman-Doris Kistner, Sophomore- Geraldine Giesen, Junior-Esther Melchert and Senior-Catherine Mayer. When chosen four gifts will be presented, one main gift to the Queen and three smaller ones to the attendants.

100 Years Ago – Oct. 18, 1912

JOSEPH HUSSACK VERY MUCH ALIVE! Report of his being murdered is a surprise to him: In a letter to John Zeman of this village it was discovered that Joseph Hussack was the livest dead man in existence and emphatically states in his communication that he wants it known, too. Some months ago the Patriot received a letter that Hussack was murdered in Canada. We published the story. We are sorry that we were misinformed, but are pleased to hear that he is alive. He at present is building at Edson, Alberta, Canada. He expects to pay a visit to Waconia some time this winter. The Golden Rule in the present political campaign is to call the other fellow a liar and do it first. Did you know that the state ballot will be four feet long and contain 107 names? It will be the longest ever used in the history of the state.

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