How tall was your tallest Lego tower? (Submitted by Kristin Schneider)

The Carver County Library is bringing fun to the community, one brick at a time. Well, one Lego brick at a time, with their bi-weekly Lego Challenges. These challenges have a range of challenges, and children around the county get the chance to show their knowledge and architectural skill in a variety of ways. They are also fully digital, allowing kids to stay healthy while having a lot of fun.

“We did these competitions over the summer, and they were really successful,” said Kristin Schneider, youth services librarian. “During the summer, we gave them a whole week, with new challenges every day.”

Those challenges can be a wide range. One challenge was to build the tallest tower they could without it falling over. Other challenges included building their name, making a little monster, and more. The challenges are normally a summer activity, though Schneider decided to extend them through at least the first semester of school. The reason being that with kids more distanced due to COVID-19, they would need something to do. And why not make it something that many kids could participate in while having a lot of fun?

With school being active right now, there are a few changes to the challenges. Instead of new ones every day, the kids will instead be given a week to complete one challenge. Some of the challenges coming include inventing a new flag, building bridges, building rocket ships, and more. In fact, the challenge for the week of October 5 was “You’re trapped on Mars. Build a rocket ship to escape” for anyone who wants to join in as soon as possible.

The library can’t supply Legos for the challenges, given how expensive they can be, but challengers don’t need a large collection to participate. So long as they have enough to meet the challenge, anyone can join in the fun.

“This is all meant to do from home,” said Schneider. “There are quite a few kids who have them in the county, it seems like, so it works for a lot of people.”

While the challenges can be difficult to achieve, they are for everybody to try. According to Schneider, younger kids can participate with Duplos and Megabloks if that’s all they have, since they are similar. The tasks will be a bit more technical since the participants will be given a week to put together their projects, but anyone can test their building skills.

The good news is even if it’s too late to join in the most recent challenge, they will continue through at least December of this year. Challenges will be issued bi-weekly, and the plan is to make them very different every week. If one week is a little too challenging, there’s a good chance your child will have better luck with the next one.

To enter in the challenge is pretty simple. Visiting Carver County Library’s Facebook page and going under the “Events” tab shows the challenges coming up and what to build. The most recent on is October 5, building a rocket ship. Once built, snap a photo and submit it in comments of the event. The challenges don’t have prizes associated with them aside from recognition and the fun of putting together their structure.

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