Easter is just around the corner, so it’s time to get ready to enjoy egg hunting, chocolate eggs, and bunnies, of course. While the pandemic is still here, a few cities are gearing up for cute celebrations of the holiday. Norwood Young America, for example, has their local Girl Scouts putting on an Easter Drive-Thru so families can still get out in a safe way. And egg hunting will still be involved, just a little different.

“The event keeps social distancing in mind while still having fun,” said Tricia Mackenthun, one of the organizers for the Easter Drive-Thru.

Last year, the Scouts put on an Easter parade, encouraging families to place decorations in their windows while the Easter Bunny paraded by. This year, the plan is to still be distanced, but a little less so. The plan this year is to have residents drive through Willkommen Memorial Park via Central Ave. Families can drive through the park, wave at the Easter Bunny and appreciate the decorations the Scouts prepare.

As for egg hunting, it’s not quite the usual egg hunt. Instead, children have been given paper eggs at school to decorate. Those eggs are then submitted to any of the local banks in NYA to be used on Easter. Once collected, the eggs will be placed throughout Willkommen Park for the kids to try and find their own.

As part of the festivities, the NYA Area Chamber of Commerce is also involved in bringing a smile to everyone’s faces this Easter. Local businesses have been busy putting together goody bags for the first 400 children to come to the park. While the goodies are still being decided on, the organizers are getting them prepared for Easter Sunday and are looking forward to giving them out.

Since this is drive thru, the Girl Scouts volunteering will be older, about 6th grade and up according to Mackenthun. They will be out and about to ensure everything is decorated and goes smoothly.

“We’re hoping to have a great turn out this year,” she said. “At the very least people can get out and enjoy the nice weather.”

Speaking of the weather, the Easter Drive-Thru will take place rain or shine. Shine, and eggs will be placed outside for the kids to find theirs from the car. Rain, and the eggs will be in windows of the Willkommen Pavilion so they don’t get ruined. There are a few being planned for lamination as well, so there may still be some on the grass.

To enjoy the Drive-Thru, go to Willkommen Memorial Park via Central Ave on April 3 from 9:30am-11:30am. Remember to thank the Girl Scouts for the efforts and the Chamber businesses for contributing to the goody bags, and remember that only the first 400 kids will be receiving a goody bag. Happy egg hunting, everyone!

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