Tom Marcsisak, principal and teacher at Cologne’s Zion Lutheran School, holding the donation check from Kevin and Janet Sons and America’s Farmers Grow Communities. (Megan Glenn/News and Times)

In a challenging year, nothing quite shows how much someone cares about the community like a generous donation. A farming family in Cologne, Kevin and Janet Sons, recently directed a $2500 from America’s Farmers Grow Communities to Cologne Zion Lutheran School. The school already has a plan set for this donation, and is grateful to the Sons’ for their donation.

“We had to miss the other fundraising opportunities thanks to COVID,” said Tom Marcsisak, principal of Cologne Zion. “We’re really happy with a donation like this because of it.”

In a normal year, Cologne Zion puts on a few small fundraisers for the school. The most popular fundraisers are their annual pancake breakfasts, though they do put on more aside from these. The money raised from these events go straight back into the school, helping purchase supplies and keeping programs up to date.

However, large-scale events were squashed due to the ongoing pandemic, so the breakfasts and other normal fundraisers couldn’t take place in 2020. With this donation from the Sons’, there’s going to be a little boost for Cologne Zion going forward.

In fact, there’s already a plan in place for the money to go to. The school is planning to purchase two interactive whiteboards to replace some older models in their classrooms. They are already looking at the options available and deciding what would be best for their needs.

“Donations like this are a blessing for a small school like ours,” said Marcsisak in a press release. “It gives us dollars to replace some equipment that needs upgrading.”

Grow Communities is sponsored by the Bayer Fund, and partners with farmers around the US to help give to nonprofits. Every August, farmers enter a drawing for the chance to send $2500 from Grow Communities to the nonprofit of their choice. Anything is applicable so long as it’s a nonprofit, including food banks, emergency response organizations, schools, agriculture programs and many more.

Want to participate? Visit amercasfamers.com to learn more about the Grow Communities program. If you’re not a farmer, but still want to support Cologne Zion, visit zion-cologne.org to learn how.

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