With big projects still underway, the Watertown-Mayer School Board gave an update on the various happenings at the school. Many of the projects are hoped to wrap up as the new school year approaches, so there’s plenty to cover from the July 26 board meeting.

Since the last board meeting, a few things have needed to change. Due to supply shortages, a few change orders were created in order to meet the needs of the projects. According to Chris Vogle from ICS, the majority of the contractors are ready to go and just need final approval.

As for how construction is going, the middle school reception, nursing, and administrative offices will be completed by the start of school if all things go well. The District Office is scheduled to complete in October of this year.

The high and middle school updates are reaching their finishing touches. Starting with the cafeteria, the ceiling pads are installed, the old serving walls are gone and reframed, and new walk-in cooler and dry storage area has replaced the old freezer in the kitchen.

The high school media center’s wood veneer ceiling has arrived and was being installed at time of meeting. As for the walls, they have all been painted and are complete. The carpet padding was scheduled to complete last week, so all in all, the media center is very close to finished and residents can look forward to a brand new media center.

The Sped Suite, contractors received the pocket door frame and installed it at the end of July. The bathroom demolition has been completed and the new bathroom is receiving its finishes. The one snag the construction team encountered was plumbing that was on the map for use apparently didn’t exist, so new connections had to be made and installed for the Sped Suite. All that needs to happen now is the new installations to be filled with concrete.

Going onto Phase 2 of the remodel, the middle school media center, Sped Suite, and general classrooms are all in the progress of receiving a new coat of paint. New windows are being installed in the CTE classrooms, and new ductwork is being installed for the metal and woodworking classroom.

The elementary school has also received a few renovations. Ceiling pads in the new commons area are being installed and is already nearing completion and furniture is being placed. HVAC and electrical work is finishing in the special ed area. Like the high school, there were some plumbing snags, but backfill is taking place.

The most obvious project in the community is the stadium and concessions stand. The gravel base for the turf has been filled in, as well as the concrete for the dug outs. The fences are up and ready for the baseball field as well.

The walls for the new concessions stand are up and are being finished currently. The inside plumbing and electrical is complete, so all that remains are a few installations.

There are, of course, still a few supply delays. For example, the stadium score board requires microprocessors, which are quite difficult to get right now. The tiles for the cafeteria are also delayed, and the plan is to install the tiles during MEA. The good news is, nothing is out of budget, and there’s still plenty to take from in the contingency budget. Overall, everything is going as planned, and those things that aren’t haven’t encountered major challenges thus far.

With all that discussed, the board thanked Vogle for his time and the efforts of the construction team. They are looking forward to touring the work before the next meeting on August 23.

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