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Pushed by moisture from heavy winter snows and the third wettest spring on record, area lakes have swollen beyond their banks.

That prompted the Carver County Board of Commissioners this week to establish an emergency no-wake ordinance on three county lakes to protect shoreland property from damage and erosion.

The temporary no-wake ordinance applies to Lake Waconia, Reitz Lake and Lake Bavaria, and a resolution of support was passed by the Waconia city council Monday night. Under the ordinance, boaters on Lake Waconia must maintain no-wake speeds within 600 feet of shore. On Reitz Lake and Lake Bavaria the entire body of water is a no-wake zone.

The temporary ordinance is in effect for 30 days or until the affected lake level falls below a triggering elevation for three consecutive days.

On Lake Waconia that elevation is 963.1 feet, the typical high-water mark, and there are two monitoring stations on the lake to guide decisions. On Reitz Lake, the mark is 937.8 and on Bavaria 972.7. Lake levels have been pushing slightly beyond those marks this spring since the end of May, and are reaching levels not seen since 2014, the last time no-wake restrictions were put in place.

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