Summers are precious in Minnesota, when we enjoy lots of time outdoors in the sun and on the water.

That makes skin care vital, says dermatologist Kamruz Darabi, M.D. Dr. Darabi has been practicing dermatology and Mohs surgery in the area for the past nine years. He recently opened a private dermatology clinic in Waconia to serve his patients and the local community. His practice Skin Professionals West is located at 582 Cherry Drive.

Dr. Darabi’s practice encompasses general dermatology: examination of moles and total body skin exams for early skin cancer detection, diagnosis and management of rashes such as eczema and psoriasis, and skin infections such as warts. Also, Mohs surgery, a procedure to remove skin cancer with the highest cure rate and most tissue sparing in highly sensitive areas such as the face.

Mohs surgery is an outpatient clinic procedure with local anesthesia with the patient awake and alert where skin cancer is removed from highly sensitive areas such as the face, according to Dr. Darabi. The specimen is immediately microscopically examined by the surgeon to determine if the cancer has been completely removed. If not, the surgeon goes back and removed more just in the area that was affected by cancer, until the cancer is completely removed. It is similar to cutting out a “bad spot” out of a potato.

Mohs surgery is utilized to achieve the highest cure rate for skin cancer (98%) and to preserve as much healthy non-diseased skin as possible, which is very important on the face, he said.

“Skin cancer is very common and goes unnoticed for a long time,” said Dr. Darabi, who reminds that it’s important to protect your skin from the sun. Wear sunscreen with at least SPF30 and reapply when you sweat or swim. Also wear broad-brimmed hats and long thin sleeves. And check your own skin once a month and look for moles that looks different on your skin compared to your other normal moles.

The “ugly duckling” sign is a good way for a patient to detect skin cancer in early stages when it’s highly curable, Dr. Darabi said. And see your dermatologist at least once a year for a full body ski examination for skin cancer screening.

Dr. Darabi currently offers same week appointments. Call 952-395-6850 or go to

Other business additions

Several other local businesses also have opened recently or are in the preparation stages. Here is a brief overview

Family ice cream maker Frozen Five Ice Creamery, which was featured on these pages in May, recently opened a shop at 8 West First Street. Shop hours are just weekends for now, but customers can follow Frozen Five on Instagram @frozenfiveicecreamery to get notifications and a link to the website to order fresh ice cream flavors.

Just down the block at 44 West Frist Street, Soulful Smoothies Organic Health Café opened in mid-July offering smoothies drinks, custom smoothie bowls and other healthy food options such as a variety of salads, veggie and chicken wraps, and snacks. Also, gluten free and dairy free options.

Owner Trisha Hayden, a registered nurse and health coach, said her mission is to bring healthy food options to the community and make it convenient to eat healthy.

Also on the food scene, look for a Jersey Mike’s sub sandwich shop opening in the commercial area on West 10th Street in late September.

Two Mexican themed restaurants also have plans to locate here – Taco Bell to be built in the same west-end commercial district and El Loro to locate in what formerly had been Ground Round.

Meanwhile, another frozen treat maker Dairy Queen still has plans to locate along Highway 5 between Subway and Aldi, although ground has not been broken yet on the new DQ Grill & Chill.

On the west end of town on Marketplace Drive ground has been broken for ‘Sota Shine Car Wash. Ironically, as noted on these pages in last week’s Down Memory Lane column, 50 years ago a Waconia Gulf Station that was in business at the time announced the opening a new car wash, the second fully automatic car wash in the United States. Now, ‘Sota Shine, a full-service, drive-through car wash, is coming to 740 Marketplace Drive.

Another automotive business AutoZone received site plan approval Monday from the Waconia City Council for a new auto parts store at 820 Marketplace Drive.

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