NYA Snap Fitness is ready and waiting for members to come back.(Photo provided by Rachel Licursi.)

Just in time for winter, the gyms are allowed to reopen once again. Their first day reopened, Dec. 19, of course had a few new rules and challenges in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While difficult, local owners, such as Snap Fitness’s Rachel Licursi, are ready and waiting to see their members again.

“We need to be open, people need the gym right now,” said Licursi. “We’re still here and we’re still fighting for our small town club, and still promote health and wellness.”

The executive order in November shutting down restaurants and gyms once again came as a surprise to owners like the Licursis. While it can’t be confirmed that every gym in the state stayed with the guidelines, the local Snap Fitnesses in Waconia and Norwood Young America worked hard to adhere to the new orders. Guests had to wear masks in between work outs, clean the equipment once they were done, and were asked to keep a distance from one another.

“There were a few hard conversations about wearing masks,” said Licursi. “But everyone has been very respectful of each other.”

The main differences the first reopen and the current one are mainly to do with space and masks. Instead of six feet, the required space between patrons is now twelve feet. Masks must also be worn at all times, no matter the work out or its intensity. Other than that, the rule about 25 percent or no more than 100 people remains.

“We’re all going to be adults and monitor ourselves,” said Licursi. “We’ve all been through this.”

Snap Fitness will operate in much the same way it did during the previous shut down. Members can come in whenever they please, so long as capacity allows, and are given cleaning supplies for when they’re finished with their equipment. They will be asked to comply with guidelines for the sake of the community as well as Snap remaining open.

As for other programs such as classes, the new guidelines allow classes to resume in January. According to Licursi, there aren’t solid plans for classes quite yet, though it is being discussed and worked on. Classes will be coming soon is the hope, but it’s best to simply keep an eye out next year on when classes resume.

“We’ll be doing some sign up special, some New Year’s contests, and hopefully be able to start a class again in January,” said Licursi. “People are saying they’ll do what they can to support us through this.”

There’s also a plan in place for patrons that cannot come to the club for health reasons. Snap Fitness will be releasing virtual programs in the next few weeks. In other words, members at home will be able to participate in programs as well as any events to come. The website is not live at time of writing, but Licursi advised members to keep an eye on Snap NYA’s Facebook page for an announcement around December 28.

Speaking of events to come, the games mentioned in a previous article are back as well, and are still geared to supporting local businesses in the area. Those who participate in the upcoming challenges will be qualified for a name drawing to win gift cards to several local businesses such as Northside Grill, who are still offering local favorites as takeout.

To get updates on future plans and events, keep an eye on Snap NYA’s Facebook page. Visit https://www.snapfitness.com/us/gyms/norwood-young-america-mn/ to sign up, ask questions, and more about your local Snap Fitness.

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