Shop Chicks, a new boutique in Waconia, will be holding their grand opening celebration on Saturday, June 1st. Shop owners Lena Simelgor, Christy Macho, Melissa Orthun, and Mary Fritz are excited to introduce their new store to the community and to share their unique products with the community.

“We were all boutique owners before we started this one together,” says Simelgor. “We met at markets and became friends, did a lot of events together and decided to open the store. We had our eye on Waconia because some of us are from around the area.”

The women have ties to Hutchinson, Jordan, Chanhassen, and Waconia and are excited to open their shop in the area.

“I think for us four since we all have our own shops we all have our own styles, and that’s why we want to do it together to bring our four styles together. We’ve done well at events together just because we hit so many more people and just yeah bringing it all in one place has just been a lot of fun,” says Macho.

The shop carries items for everyone including clothing for all age groups and sizes, décor, gifts, and several items for men including beard oil, hats, and unisex clothing. Another great thing about the shop is that they feature products made by local artists. “We love supporting local artists,” says Orthun.

The grand opening celebration party will include a food truck, drawings and giveaways and will coincide with Lola’s Lakehouse’s half marathon that same weekend.

“We’re really excited to be here. We have new products in all the time. We get new styles every weekend so it’s always new and it’s always fresh,” says Orthun. “Everybody’s welcome, we try to find something for everyone.”

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