The Carver County Sheriff’s Office is urging residents to be vigilant following a string of reported burglaries in Victoria.

According to the sheriff’s office, several burglaries were reported in the early morning hours on Thursday, June 13. Initial reports indicated several homes and two vehicles were stolen in the city, and deputies believe suspects gained access to vehicles and houses through unlocked or unsecured doors.

The incidents remain under investigation, and deputies are still in the process of collecting evidence and processing crime scenes, according to the sheriff’s office.

A string of burglaries has been reported in the Twin Cities metro, and the sheriff’s office describes the culprits as “a very sophisticated ring of burglary suspects.” The sheriff’s office maintains that these suspects seek out vehicles with garage door-openers in them and then use the opener to gain access to the garage and/or residence. Once inside the residence, the thieves tend to act quickly, usually while the home’s occupants are asleep. According to officials, the culprits often steal a vehicle from a garage and use it to continue their crime spree.

The sheriff’s office states that this group targets entire communities, striking many homes undetected in the course of a night. Because the ring utilizes stolen vehicles that have not yet been reported stolen, they have been difficult to catch in the act, according to the sheriff’s office.

The sheriff’s office is encouraging vigilance on the part of residents, and encourages residents to be diligent in locking doors and vehicles. The sheriff’s office also recommends removing garage door-openers and other valuables from vehicles parked outside.

Anyone with information related to the recent rash of burglaries is encouraged to contact the sheriff’s office at 952-361-1787.

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