A high school math teacher’s calculation led to what has become an annual celebration and tradition in Waconia School District 110.

Mathematics instructor Drew Sody figured that January 10 equals 1/10, and that might be a good time to celebrate District 110. So, each year since 2019 ISD 110 schools have marked the date as We Are 110 Day with special activities.

That Monday’s recognition of We Are 110 Day included the pep band marching through the halls of the high school, the basketball teams making 110 shots in drills, and other activities.

“Pi Day is a mathematical holiday of sorts celebrated on March 14 (3/14) to commemorate the number pi, 3.14,” Sody said. “This led me to think of celebrating a We Are Day on January 10th (1/10) in honor of the staff and students of District 110. My colleagues Dusty Neibauer and Mark Grundhofer helped to spread the word and it took off from there. District 110 is full of dedicated teachers and staff who take great pride in their work so I was not surprised at how quickly it caught on. I couldn’t be prouder of the work my fellow teachers are doing not only on We Are 110 Day, but every day.”

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