Waconia added more than 200 housing units last year, according to the city’s recently published 2021 land use development report. Totals include 137 single-family homes and 68 multifamily units in apartments and townhomes.

Highlights from the report were shared at the latest planning commission and city council meetings, and the complete report is now published on the city website: waconia.org.

While the new housing numbers aren’t unprecedented, they are up considerably form recent years thanks to recent annexations which unlocked lot inventory, according to city planners.

Some of the major growth areas are Interlaken, the Shores of Lake Waconia, which is already almost built out, Woodland Creek, and recent additions The Fields, Orchard Park and Waterford.

“It’s unbelievable to see how quickly these homes pop out of the ground,” Mayor Kent Bloudek remarked at the April 18 city council meeting.

In terms of types of housing, the breakdown remains at roughly a 70-30 percent split between single family homes and multi-unit dwellings. From an age perspective, about 20 percent of Waconia homes are less than 10 years old, another 20 percent fall in the 10-20-year range, while nearly 60 percent are over 20 years old.

In total the city issued 1,475 building permits last year including remodels, reflecting a continuing trend of residents making home improvements during the pandemic. The total construction value of all building permits amounted to about $77.4 million.

From a commercial perspective, the city experienced a significant increase issuing 60 permits with a total construction value of $2.7 million. Major commercial additions included Taco Bell, Dairy Queen and Sota Shine Car Wash.

There were no significant industrial project permits issued in 2021.

In terms of available space, the city had 286 home parcels at the end of 2021, 26 commercial parcels and four industrial parcels or about 11 acres.

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