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Patric Person, with his Outstanding Early Career Award from the MAAE. (Submitted photo)

Being recognized for hard work is always rewarding, especially from your peers. One teacher at Central Middle and High School has recently been recognized by his peers around the state for his outstanding efforts so far. This year’s recipient of the Outstanding Early Career Award from the Minnesota Association of Agriculture Educators is Patric Pehrson, Central’s Ag Teacher.

“It’s amazing to be recognized and nominated by my peers for this award,” said Pehrson.

Every year, the MAAE polls ag teachers around the state to nominate someone from their region. Those eligible for nomination are between their third and seventh year of teaching, so it’s a way to show who’s starting out particularly strong in teaching. In Pehrson’s region, he had 35 peers, and received the most nominations.

There are many ways to receive these nominations, according to Pehrson.

“Lots of networking, and never saying no to projects,” he said.

All joking aside, Pehrson has done a lot of work for MAAE events. He’s helped organize retreats, been a part of conferences, and he works as the treasurer just to name a few contributions.

It’s not just about his work with the MAAE, either. He works to make students’ education as fun and interesting as possible, as a teacher of 8th and 9th grade Ag Science and Woodworking. According to Pehrson, he and fellow teacher Jim Mesik work together to engage students as much as possible, because it really is “all about our students”.

“We work with an advisory committee to help us move forward,” said Pehrson. “People need people for trade jobs, and we’re showing students that they can choose those jobs.”

With the award for the region, Pehrson is eligible for the state award. Even if it’s not awarded, Pehrson is still going to be recognized at the state level for his region award. If he is awarded by the state, though, he’s then eligible for national recognition, which is a similar process. While he said this would be “an honor.” he also stated that he was quite satisfied with being recognized by his peers in Minnesota.

Regardless of acclaim, Pehrson is moving forward with the school year. There’s plenty to do, especially with students on campus.

Pehrson’s next big plan for students is to bring them out during Manufacturer’s Week, an NYA Chamber of Commerce event that allows residents to get a look at the manufacturing industry around town. This year’s participants include Modern Design, Sackett Waconia, Bongard’s Creamery, Yeager Machine, and Storms Welding, so students will really get a chance to see different types and the many tools in the industry.

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