Residents of Norwood Young America might have noticed a change to their favorite realtors, Fahey & Associates. As of early October, the local realtors were purchased by Mark and Tammy Kottke of REMAX in Belle Plaine. Though under new ownership, the associates and staff of Fahey that many have worked with in NYA won’t be changing, and the Kottke’s are looking forward to working with their new community.

“We are taking over the appraisal and real estate side of things,” said Mark Kottke, owner and realtor of REMAX Belle Plaine. “All the staff will stay the same. We’re just franchising over this with a REMAX Experience.”

Mr. Kottke has been in the business for over 20 years, and grew up in the Lester Prairie area, so he’s been in and around the area for a long time. Knowing that the communities continue to expand, especially with highway 212 getting lanes added, they were already thinking about expanding into Carver County.

“A lot of folks in the community already know me,” said Mr. Kottke. “I am ecstatic to be working in the community. It’s near and dear to my wife and I.”

Tim Fahey, owner of Fahey and Associates, approached the Kottkes to sell. His reasoning was pretty simple: he’s been in the business for a long time, and while he doesn’t plan on retiring any time soon, it was time for someone else to handle ownership. So he proposed the sale to the Kottkes.

Fahey and all the employees will be remaining at the new REMAX Experience. The Kottkes are the new owners, but community members that have had appraisals, property sales, and property purchases will see the same faces.

“They are very excited to be working with Norwood Young America,” said Fahey. “Everything will still be the same going forward, just a new name.”

That doesn’t mean there aren’t some changes coming, though. However, they will only be to the office building. According to Mr. Kottke, the plan is to give the office a face lift, so to speak. Its previous remodel was in the early 90s, so new carpets, fresh paint, and furniture will be coming in.

“We’ll be bringing in a more modern look to the community,” said Mr. Kottke.

Otherwise, the plan is pretty set. A new name and some aesthetic changes are all that’s happening. So whether you’re looking to move, expand your farm, or expand your business, the staff of NYA’s REMAX Experience are excited to help you along.

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