A new bar and grill is under construction in Norwood Young America’s Heritage Point strip mall. The owners, Derek and Katie Jensen, are the owners of Pounders in Cologne and Floyd’s in Victoria, two American-style bar and grills. Their new restaurant, the Copper Canyon, has been a two years-long project, and is reaching the final stages for opening next summer.

“We’ve basically had three goals with restaurants,” said Derek Jensen. “One was to buy one, another was to remodel, and we wanted to build one.”

Jensen and his wife purchase Floyd’s and have done extensive renovations in Pounders, so the next goal was to find a space for building. As locals in NYA, they had a few ideas of spaces, and were certain that they wanted to keep the Copper Canyon as local as they could. Knowing that the Heritage Point strip mall had space, they contacted the owner.

The strip mall had a space of about 4000 square feet at the far end, which was perfect to use for the Copper Canyon, according to Mr. Jensen. The area hasn’t seen any use, not even having concrete floors in it currently. Able to customize, the Jensens began working towards planning and designing, their current stage for the Copper Canyon.

“We’re thinking something a bit more old fashioned, with oil lamps hanging from the ceiling,” said Mr. Jensen.

However, since the design-phase is a work in progress, nothing has been set in stone as of yet aside from the general style. The food, while up to the discretion of the kitchen manager, will be similar to Pounders and Floyd’s, which are both American-bar style. The staff will actually be the same staff from the two other restaurants, according to Mr. Jensen, though they will of course hire more staff to help out once Copper Canyon is ready to open.

There are also plans to have an outdoor patio area, similar to the one at Pounders, for music and outside seating for patrons. There will be other features as well, according to Mr. Jensen, but there’s still a lot of planning in place, especially for the patio which may come later.

Mr. Jensen has been working with architects for a couple weeks already, and estimated that building the restaurant would take at least eight months, with the goal being to open in July of 2020. However, considering that the Heritage Point hadn’t had any activity on the right end since it was built in 2004, he also guessed that it may take longer depending on the care the space needs.

“We decided that if we were going to do this, we were going to do it right the first time,” said Mr. Jensen. “No half-effort here.”

One example of the Jensens want for doing it right is already apparent; they are purchasing the strip mall itself. The deal wasn’t completed at time of interview, but they are already communicating with the owner to finalize the purchase. The hope is that Copper Canyon will serve as an “anchor point” for Heritage Point, bringing in more customers and businesses as time goes on. Because of this, they are also working on fixing up some random problems as they come across them, such as water damage from last winter when a few pipes ended up bursting.

For now, what excites the Jensens the most is the fact that the community is excited.

“I don’t know what’s more exciting for the city, having a new restaurant or new owners of the mall,” said Mr. Jensen. “Either way, there’s already a ton of support for a local restaurant.”

Once planning is finished, construction will start, which will be more visible to NYA residents. For anyone interested in the style of restaurant, Mr. Jensen recommended checking out Pounders in Cologne to get a rough idea of what Copper Canyon will eventually be.

“I’m going to do whatever it takes to make this successful and help create business here,” said Mr. Jensen.

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