New mayor and council 2.jpg

New Waconia City Council is pictured: Mayor Nicole Waldron flanked by council members Jeff Grengs and Steve Yetzer, left, and Randy Sorensen and Nick Gleason, right. (Photo courtesy city of Waconia)

Waconia’s second woman mayor struck the gavel on her first city council meeting last Tuesday, Jan. 3. Nicole Waldron convened the organizational meeting at 6 p.m.

She downplayed that aspect in her mayoral campaign and points out that Waconia already had a female city administrator for almost 20 years before she took office. Nonetheless, the second woman mayor distinction is an important historical footnote since the city was established in 1858.  Louise Butke - the city's first female mayor - was mayor of Waconia from 1936-1938. She was chosen by voters from a field of three candidates, two of them men, during an election that featured an unprecedented field of 19 candidates for city council, according to the Waconia Patriot. Butke served for one two-year term, choosing not to file for re-election in 1938

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