Muddy Mayhem’s mechanical bull, Mr. T. Teams will try to stay on Mr. T as long as possible. (Photo submitted by Ted Slather)

Calling all Carver County residents that love extreme sports and dirt! Extreme Events Minnesota is back at it, not with a rodeo but a new event. This year’s event is Muddy Mayhem, a muddy challenge course for participants to attempt. And as usual, all proceeds received via the event are going straight to high school rodeo scholarship fund.

Organizer Ted Slather describes the event as follows:

“It’s a tough mudder crossed with ninja warrior, with just a bit of red neck thrown in,” he said.

To start, anyone participating will be in teams of four, with a maximum of 25 teams competing. To compete, each teams pays a $50 entry fee per person. This payment doesn’t just go to the scholarship fund; teams are competing for a $1000 payout. Whichever team can complete the challenges fastest receives the grand prize.

With a total of six different challenges, it’s not hard to see why. Anyone willing to sign up has quite a few different skills to be tested. Starting off, teams will participate in a run and mud crawl. Sounds easy, right? Not necessarily. The run itself takes place on a motorcross track. The crawl is through mud with an added challenge: an electric fence. The fence won’t cause pain, according to Slather, but instead will feel more like a static shock. Either way, competitors are encouraged to stay low.

Next up is the power tower, which challenges strength, endurance, and fear of heights. Only one person from any team has to participate in this set of three challenges. First, they climb a rope ladder to the top, a total of 25 feet. They then have to balance themselves across a slackline above water. Their final crossing is a horizontal pole across another pit after running across a dock section.

The next challenge competitors will be taking on a zipline. While going down, each must shoot three targets with a paintball gun. Not only that, a sniper will be shooting at them, so best be prepared to get a few paint splats along with mud. Paintballs do sting a bit if they hit, so it’s best to send someone not afraid of heights and not easily distracted.

Speaking of paintball, get ready for a paintball civil war. Four teams will line up across from each other, each armed with a paintball gun. On a signal, everyone fires one shot. Anyone who was hit, leaves. This will continue until there is only one person left.

Finally, in the spirit of the rodeo, one teammate will ride a mechanical bull. This is a test of endurance. The team that can stay the longest on “Mr. T” wins, with a max of 20 seconds. All in all, these challenges test several different aspects of the competitors, so it’s best to be prepared.

“We recommend people that are already pretty fit and enjoy extreme sports, though anyone can join,” said Slather. “And nothing we’re doing can cause a bad injury, but expect to be sore.”

Spectators can also participate in donating. T-shirts will be for sale as well as food and drink, as well as just donate towards the rodeo scholarship fund. It’s also advised to prepare for the weather, since Muddy Mayhem will be taking place rain or shine. Anyone interested in signing up can do so at extremeeventsmn.org or even walk up the day of the event. Just take in mind if you really want to participate it might be best to sign up early.

Muddy Mayhem will be taking place on June 5 at noon. Participants should start showing at 10-11am to prepare and register. Spectating is completely free. The event is taking place on a farmstead about 7 miles west of Waconia along highway 5. Best of luck!

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