Ted Hajnasiewicz has an album coming out this month. (Submitted photo)

Minnesota has always loved music, whether that was raising new artists into stardom or just embracing the dozens of local artists in town. And now, one of Watertown’s locals is reaching a big milestone in his musical career: releasing a “greatest hits” CD.

“I’ve been on vinyl and eight-track because I thought it would be funny, and even cassette,” said Ted Hajnasiewicz, local musician. “I’ve never paid to have a CD pressed in all these years.”

Moving to Watertown in May of this year, Hajnasiewicz’s style is self-described as “lover’s lament crap”, a quote from Tom Hanks when he produced the film “That Things You Do!.” He takes this tone and writes it into various ballads, like his single “This Town Not For Me”, which is more of a reflection of feeling out of place than literal.

“I came up with the title and song on an airplane going to Nashville,” said Hajnasiewicz. “The song itself is about feeling I don’t fit in anywhere I go, like when I was a teenager at home.”

As for how long he’s been writing songs, Hajnasiewicz can remember all the way to being a 12-year-old washing the dishes and singing tunes about doing so.

“My parents would come in and ask what I was doing,” he said with a laugh.

Getting into his first band only added fuel to that particular fire since he could just keep writing songs. That’s continued until now with members and friends from his first band helping him out with this CD. One friend mixed the actual CD, which was a first for Hajnasiewicz since he usually mixed on his own.

“I don’t go to high school reunions, ever,” he said. “I see all my friends pretty regularly, so why would I go?”

With about five or six songs left to mix, the CD won’t be out for a couple more months, and Hajnasiewicz is making plans to book a listening room for a live performance just before its release on Jan. 25. While it’s his first professionally pressed CD, he sticks to his idea that it’s a “greatest hits” album.

“These are my favorite song over the last three years and they’ve been polished,” he said. “To me, they are my greatest hits even though I’m a newer artist.”

If you’re interested in hearing the single “This Town Is Not For Me”, you can visit Hajnasiewicz’s website tedhtunes.com to have a listen or read his newsletter on his various happenings. As for hearing him perform, his next performance in the area will be at Enki Brewing in Victoria on Oct. 20 from 7-10 p.m. Otherwise, his songs are available on all digital platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Android.

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