A new basketball court was recently installed in Mayer. (Submitted photo)

Mayer residents may have noticed a new fixture at Discovery Park in the form of a new basketball court. This new court is among several new projects for the Parks Commission in the last couple years. They continue to work for the improvement of the community, and there’s more to come in the next year.

“The local Lions will be painting the new court, and we’re hoping to finish landscaping it in fall,” said Michael Wegner, Parks Commission Chair. “Public Works did a really good job setting up the landscaping for us.”

The old basketball court along Bluejay Ave also received some TLC this year. New poles and hoops were installed for general upkeep. While this is a perfectly wonderful basketball court, Mayer isn’t just its downtown. Many residents live miles outside of downtown Mayer, so the new basketball court in Discovery Park is to give them easy access.

That’s not all the Parks Commission has been working on, either. There are constant improvements they are seeking to do. Not the least of which is regarding pavilions. Mayer currently has one already, but the commission is hoping to add another into Old Schoolhouse Park. The plan is to also build bathrooms for both pavilions in the future, since the current one already sees a lot of activity, and bathrooms would be convenient.

Old Schoolhouse Park has another likely project in the next year: A splash pad. For those that haven’t seen Cologne’s or other splash pads, it’s a water attraction that kids and adults can run and play in. They are easier for cities maintain than a large pool, as they don’t require lifeguards and other staff to manage them. According to Wegner, the plan is to have the splash pad recirculate its own water, as well. This means that it would filter out used water and reuses, only taking more when it needs to instead of constantly using new water.

“We’re hoping it will be a fun way for people to get out and cool down during the summer,” said Wegner. “They’re getting very popular lately, which is promising.”

Gazebos are also being planned around several of the parks, giving residents shaded places to sit, celebrate, or simply enjoy the parks around Mayer. The ice rink that was installed a few years ago was even utilized during 2020, and was extremely popular. The commission is hoping it will see just as much use this year, though it will entirely depend on this year’s winter.

Looking to make your local parks even better? There are a few ways to get involved. The Mayer Parks Commission meets on the second Tuesday of every month at City Hall. They are always willing to hear community requests, as well as what the community thinks is priority. If you want to sponsor the parks, there is a way. Donate to the commission for a bench or set in a park of your choice, and the funding will towards future projects.

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