Mayer Fire Department’s new tanker, which is taking the place of the 1989 tanker approved for sale by the Mayer Council. (Submitted photo)

The most recent council meeting on June 28 saw a simple evening for the Mayer City Council. While there’s plenty going on, just two items required discussion on June 28. The first was the renaming of the stretch of road between 62nd and 7th street, leading to a change in address for Mayer Lutheran High School which also needed approval. The second item on the docket was the approval of the fire department to sell their 1989 tanker.

City administrator Margaret McCallum started off the evening by opening the discussion for the street name change request.

“Over the last few years, there have been concerns expressed by residents about increased traffic on 5th Street heading to Mayer Lutheran High,” said McCallum. “In 2015, a roundabout was established along highway 25. When those improvements were made, the school made improvements as well.”

As part of their renovations in 2018, Mayer Lutheran built a new entrance just off that roundabout. This had several benefits as it became the official entrance while also being on a transit corridor. Because of this, the school has encouraging residents and guests to go to the north entrance, even going so far as to contact Google Maps to change the directors to this entrance.

What’s being proposed is to change 62nd to 7th from highway 25 to the private neighborhood entrance. The issue at hand is that 62nd is a Waconia Township street, with a few township properties along it, according to McCallum. This means Mayer staff would have to work with the township and Carver County to finalize this request if given approval by the city council.

Mayer staff found that while this could happen now or be delayed. However, it is an issue that will sooner or later have to be resolved as both Mayer and Waconia Township continue to grow.

With that in mind, motion was made to approve the resolution. Motion was approved unanimously. This means that once word is back from the county, that particular section of 62nd will change to 7th Street, altering Mayer Lutheran’s address to 306 7th Street NE. Mayer staff will start working on appropriate steps.

Next on the agenda was the selling of the old fire department tanker. According to McCallum, this sale is part of the city’s long term plan. As the fire department has already received approval to receive a new tanker, which is scheduled to be delivered this month. Because the old tanker is over 30 years old, it’s time for it to retire, hence the sale.

One option the city is looking at is selling the equipment on the tanker. Staff have contacted Fahey Sales, which would charge 6 percent of the equipment sales as well as $40 per hour worked removing decals, logos, and other non-sellable items.

To help mitigate the cost of removing the decals, the fire department is going to attempt to remove them on their own. With that in mind, it would only be an hour’s worth of work or so on the part of Fahey. According to McCallum, revenues from this sale will return to the capitol fund, wherein townships receive a percentage of the fund.

With costs known, motion was made to approve the sale of the 1989 tanker to Fahey Sales. The new tanker was scheduled to be picked up on July 9, with the old tanker being auctioned in August.

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