As part of their ongoing effort to help their residents, staff at The Harbor and Haven put together a small fundraiser to bring in some fun for residents. With help from members of the community, they were able to raise over $2000 for ordering Ipads. These new tablets will be used for entertainment, helping residents pass the time and keep them engaged.

“Judy Glander and I have been talking for a long time about getting Ipads to allow residents to play games like solitaire,” said Bonita Heilman, life enrichment specialist for The Harbor.

Glander and Heilman got to work on looking for tablets. This idea isn’t out of the blue, either. A few residents have their own computers and tablets, and often use them to play virtual solitaire, cross words, and more. Seeing that other residents were expressing an interest, staff got to work putting together a plan.

That plan turned into setting up a donation pool. Glander began informing community members about the donation set up. She soon received donations from several people, including Roger Storms and David Pauldine. In a few weeks, The Harbor and Haven received $2,625 in total and Pauldine ten old Ipads from his days at St. John’s Lutheran School. He will also help manage the apps and the Ipads themselves, with Heilman dubbing him “the Ipad fleet manager”.

With ten set to go, the rest will be purchased using the donations given by the community. All in all, the plan is to have about ten tablets or Ipads per building. Residents will sign up for time with one for an hour of their choosing before it gets sanitized and passed on to the next resident. It’s important to note that while these tablets will likely have cameras, they will not be used for Zoom or Skype calls with family. The Harbor and Haven already have tablets set aside for that specific purpose.

The Ipads aren’t quite ready yet, according to Heilman, but soon will be.

“We’re working on getting them charged and ready,” she said. “They aren’t quite in anybody’s hands just yet.”

The donation is now closed, but more like this in the future aren’t out of the question. In fact, staff used to put together semi-annual fundraisers, but it’s been some time since anything was held. The hope, for Heilman at least, is that this kickstarts the idea of small fundraisers once again. However, the more important aspect of this particular one is the comfort of the residents.

The plan is to have the Ipads ready by mid-February, bringing them out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for residents to enjoy. Solitaire, word searches, and more will be available for residents to play while we wait and even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Until then, though, keep an eye on the Harbor and Haven’s Facebook page. Heilman also thanked everyone who donated for their generosity, and for keeping the residents of Peace Villa’s Harbor and Haven in mind during this time.

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