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The Frozen Five: Kristen and Nick Hillesheim, and their children Peyton, 11, and Harper and Hudson, age 8. (Submitted photo)

For decades, the Weinzerl building at 8 West First Street was a place to view and purchase gemstones and other jewelry.

Soon, the former jewelry store will be a place to select ice cream flavors and sweets.

Frozen Five Ice Creamery is slated to open June 1 in the historic jewelry building after an extensive interior remake.

St. Bonifacius couple Nick and Kristen Hillesheim and family are launching the business after starting to make their own ice cream at home last year as a diversion during the pandemic. Neither has a background in dairy, but after extensive research and experimenting, they landed on some flavors that got good reviews among family and friends.

Frozen Five has been successfully selling ice cream online since early April and will bring their frozen flavors to downtown Waconia in just a few weeks.

Nick is the one with the entrepreneurial spirit in the family, says wife Kristen. He started a corn stove business with his brother and father in college, and is currently chief sales officer for TVC Pro-Driver. When the Weinzerl building came up for sale, he dove in to establish a storefront location.

The couple purchased the building in December and have been remodeling it since March to meet codes for food service. There will also be some space for seating, although Kristen views ice cream and sweets as strolling foods for visitors to take with them as they walk other parts of downtown.

Frozen Five stands for two things: the number of members in the Hillesheim family and the five basic ingredients in ice cream: milk, cream, a sweetener, egg yolks or another stabilizer, and a flavoring. Frozen Five’s recent offerings include a lemon-blueberry creation called “When Life Gives You Lemons” and a salted caramel flavor called “Over the Salted Rainbow.”

With the opening of Frozen Five, the established Main Scoop on Main Street and a Dairy Queen on the way, there will be plenty of places in Waconia to get an ice cream treat; however, the Hillesheims aren’t hesitant about joining the frozen fray.

“Who doesn’t like ice cream?” Kristen asks, noting that theirs is artisan ice cream – no preservatives, just the basics, and unique flavors. There’s a certain chemistry to good ice cream that she believes the family has captured, so there’s a niche in the market for Frozen Five, she adds.

The shop also will be selling hand-crafted macarons from Nikkolette’s Macarons. The baker of those French desserts and her husband are good friends of the Hillesheims. The couple also are looking for cupcake and cookie makers.

Oh, and in addition to their storefront location, Frozen Five has an ice cream bike they are planning to put into service this summer for birthday parties and other events.

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