Looking for more golf tournaments? Mayer Lutheran High School has another one set up for Sept. 11 this year: Their annual Mayer Lutheran Crusader Classic Charity Golf Tournament. As a private school, Mayer Lutheran is always supported by generous donors, and this is one way to support their efforts in education while doing something fun.

“We’re pretty much full already,” said Craig Anderson, one of the organizers for the Crusader Classic. “We’ve got about six positions of foursomes remaining.”

This year’s event, as usual, is taking place at Island View Golf Club in Waconia. Those who sign up can go in two different ways: they can enter as an individual, or as a four-person team. Anyone who enters as an individual gets placed with others in the same circumstance until they reach four people. Either way, this day can be a fun day with a group of friends, or finding a new group. A win-win situation.

Once teams are set up, teams will be assigned to holes to start. According to Anderson, the best set up is around two teams per hole, or eight people. Because this is a scramble, all four on a team line up and take a shot. Whoever has the best ball, the whole team goes there, and repeats the process until someone lands it in the hole.

“It’s nice because some folks can come out to just have a good time because you don’t need to be great golfer,” said Anderson. “Everybody can make a good shot at some point.”

And there’s no worries about it being under-attended. Every year, the slots fill up fast for golfers. Even during the pandemic, this event raised $40,000 from over 150 golfers for Mayer Lutheran’s Technology Fund. In fact, this is where all profits from this event have gone. Things like computers, robotics, 3D printers, and computerized whiteboards have all been possible thanks to the generous donors at this event. The hope is that this year will be no different.

Of course, it’s not just a simple golf scramble. There are other events taking place on the course throughout the day, such as a putting contest. Each team will also be given a red ball, if they so choose. Every hole, someone has to use this ball. The longer the team can keep this ball from getting lost, the better. Every team with this ball remaining (or the longest time spent with it) is eligible for a prize, so while a challenge, it’s very worth attempting.

Like last year, the banquet will not be happening this year. Instead, a free lunch will be provided to all players, as well as snacks along the way and at the end of the tournament. This help keep players energized and hydrated while they enjoy their time on the green.

The top prize is a $500 cash prize for the winners of the scramble.

The Crusader Classic Charity Golf Scramble is taking place on Sept. 11 this year. While Mayer Lutheran has been very lucky getting sunny days, remember to prepare for weather with sunscreen, sweaters, or a rain poncho if necessary. Limited space is still available, so go to mayerlutheran.org to sign up. It’s $125 for one person, or $500 for a whole foursome. Warm up starts at 11:30 am with the shotgun start at 1pm. Any questions? Contact Stacy Herout at 952-657-2251 x1001 or email office@mayerlutheran.org.

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