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It’s time for Cologne’s annual Fill the Hill event once more. Starting June 14 at 7:30 pm, this Hollander baseball traditional welcomes anyone and everyone in the community to get out and enjoy a game, all while honoring a previous player for their time with the team. This year’s honoree will be Greg “Freddie” Worm who played for the Hollanders from 1975 to 1994.

“In a nutshell, Fill the Hill was started by the Cologne Lions to help the team promote amateur baseball and for folks to come out and watch,” said Nate Pysick, one of the organizers.

To help promote people to come out, the event has been made very affordable for families to come out and watch. With children getting in for free and adults only paying $5 per ticket, according to Pysick, it’s certainly one of the most affordable baseball games to see. Ten attendees will also be eligible to win door prizes, giving even more value to the game.

This year’s game will be against the Norwood Young America Cardinals. And the game is a league game, so it will count. However, in an effort to bring in more family fun, there is a possibility to have some activities between innings. Kids running the bases, for example, but only if the game isn’t tense.

“We don’t want to interrupt the game too much,” said Pysick. “It’s still a league game, so if it’s getting intense we don’t want to interfere too much.”

Even if the game becomes serious, Pysick promised fresh burgers and “the best cheese curds in baseball”, as well as popcorn. So there will be snacks for all to enjoy while watching the game.

Of course it’s not just about the game, but the honoree as well. A brief biography of the honoree’s time with the team is given before the game, and they even get to throw the first pitch. Worm’s biography will also join all the others’ on a wall just for honorees, and he’ll receive an engraved baseball.

For those attending, it’s recommended to show a little early in order to park and find a seat. And given this spring, it’s advised to keep an eye on the weather. Because this is a league game, the event will be reschedule if the weather is uncooperative, so the community won’t miss out.

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