The city of Waconia will invite the public to weigh in on a proposed special vehicle ordinance that would allow some vehicles on city streets and prohibit others. The hearing is expected to be held at the city council’s Nov. 2 meeting.

Council and city staff began discussing a possible ordinance back in August when they heard a request from some residents to clarify use of utility and all-terrain vehicles in the city.

The city’s current ordinances do not address special vehicles, and Waconia, like many other surrounding communities, has been challenged with the growing number and use of specialty vehicles both on and off roads.

The latest version of a proposed ordinance reviewed at a work session Oct. 5 would allow use of utility vehicles (UTVs) and mini trucks on city streets by permit. It would also require a driver’s license for all permit holders. The ordinance would prohibit smaller ATVs and golf carts from all city streets.

The ordinance also includes other provisions and describes the process for obtaining required permits and regulations applicable to special vehicle operations. The complete ordinance will be published in the newspaper and on the city’s website prior to the public hearing.

Highway 5 east frontage road

The council also is mulling over transportation plans for the frontage road south of Highway 5 and east of 284. The service road has been part of Hwy. 5 improvement plans for years, but with a recent change in Minnesota Department of Transportation plans and funding, the city is considering how to re-invent the project.

With the UFC Farm Supply property in flux and the change in MnDOT’s grant award conditions, city staff and council are looking at whether the city could do a frontage road project separate from MnDOT permitting and funding – possibly as part of 2021 infrastructure plans. The topic is expected to come up again at a future council meeting.

Property annexation

In other council business last week, the council completed the annexation of what’s known as the Fabel/Peitz property along Highway 5 in Waconia Township south of the high school and just west of Oakpointe 2nd Addition. The two parcels combined are almost 60 acres in size and were submitted for annexation in association with a contemplated residential development.

A public hearing and consideration of annexation was extended from March to give the applicant and property owners time to resolve right-of-way concerns with Carver County.

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