Bike trails are open, and what better way to enjoy summer than going out for a ride? Carver County is full of trails and quiet roads to go cycling, so it’s no wonder that several in the community would enjoy being on their bike. To help provide bicycles and repairs, the Watertown Area Chamber’s newest member, Carver County Cycles is open and ready for a busy summer.

“The community has been very happy to see us here, which is awesome,” Joel Loch, owner of Carver County Cycles, said. “There are bike trails everywhere, and plenty of roads that people bike on, so there’s tons of people here that ride.”

Loch has been working on bikes for quite a while, with Carver County Cycles being his first physical storefront. After the success of his online store, Gringineer Cycles, Loch started looking for a place to set up. Finding room close to home, he began setting up for Carver County Cycles, officially opening in April of this year.

What made Watertown a perfect spot was multi-fold for Loch. For one, the only other bike shop in the area is in St. Bonifacius, so having one right in town would be perfect for anyone looking to support local. The Luce Line Trail is also a popular spot for bikers, so it gives them a chance to stop by a store right on the trail if they need parts or are considering trading in. With all that in mind, the location was a perfect place to set up shop as a warehouse and retail front.

The trails aren’t the only draw, though. Tour de Tonka runs right through Watertown, so Carver County Cycles will be setting up a stop for participants to take a break.

As for what they sell, no matter what you think of when you hear the word “bike”, they’ve probably got it.

“We carry all types of bikes: road, mountain, kids, all of them,” said Loch. “This year has been a bit of a challenge with the bike boom, supply shortage and the global pandemic.”

With many people looking for new things to do, bikes became a rare commodity fast with the amount of people purchasing, as well as supply shortages. What this means for Loch is used bikes are available, but new bikes are a challenge to get a hold of while the pandemic is still causing problems. However, because they do refurbishing, the used bikes are always in the best condition they can be.

Carver County Cycles also does repairs, carries supplies for making your own, and Gringineer orders can be picked up at this store.

For any Watertown residents, Rails to Trails is coming soon. As part of the celebration, Carver County Cycles is putting on a Bicycle Scavenger Hunt. Community members will be given a location and they will have to ride their bike to it and snap a photo of their bike and location. There’s more to possibly come, so keep an eye on their social media to learn new events.

Looking to get a bike repaired or get one for yourself? Carver County Cycles is located on 130th Lewis Ave in Watertown. They sell used and new bikes, and pretty much any type of bike you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something specific, be it a part or a bike, talk to Loch and his staff, as they can help you order and have it delivered to the store. Carver County Cycles also has a Facebook, where they posts bikes of the week and news for their store.

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